I thought I should start one of these since I've been playing in PS so much. This way I can just add to it as I come across new things, and I only have link to it when I post stuff.

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I miss fandom.

If no one hangs out on lj anymore where does everyone go to get their fandom fix? I do have a tumblr. I just never use it. Would that be where all the cool kids are now? I've been wanting to make fandom graphics. I've gained a few new ones in recent years.
J/L turned away

Finished/Unfinished Mentalist Fics

So, these are collecting dust on my hard drive. The first one was written as a gift fic for tromana, which I emailed to her but never posted because I intended to turn it into a themed series of detours/surprises for Lisbon courtesy of Jane. The first one is finished since it was originally written as a stand alone, but the second one I'm not certain is finished but I'm posting it as is regardless, and the third is just really short but probably done. The last one is totally unrelated to the first three, but since I felt it was finished it's getting posted.

All of these were beta'd by the lovely lady_of_scarlet. But I may have tweaked a few things afterwards : / Any boo-boos left behind are mine.

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More PS things.

I was going to wait until I had a few more of these, but that might be a little while.

The first one is for lothiriel84, of course. Click poster to read!


I really wanted to use this screencap for my Reverse Bang poster, but I just couldn't make it work as something that's supposed to inspire fanfic. Instead, I remembered reading a comment somewhere about the army of two quote from Jane, and how someone should put it on a graphic. I seriously wish I could remember where I read that now. Anyways, since it didn't work for Reverse Bang I just put this together instead.

 photo armyoftwo_zps46459791.jpg

Anyone want to have a go at this?

Possible Fanmix Cover

This is the second time I've started a graphic that I hoped might be for a fanmix, only I never get around to finishing the cover, as with the first one, or I make one part of the cover and realize I haven't a clue what music to use. So, I thought I'd throw this out there for any H/Hr fans to use as inspiration for a fanmix? I think it's the back cover, could work as the front. I really had no idea what I was doing going into this. Either way, if you want to put a mix together I'll finish another cover and add all the text.